Be Part of the Action

DeviceMesh is a fan engagement app that creates stunning light shows for concerts,
festivals and corporate events using synchronized video and flash technology

DeviceMesh delivers synced video and flash light shows,  stadium wide karaoke,  orchestrated mexican waves and audience polling without any wifi, cellular or bluetooth connectivity

A new form of digital media, synchronised video playback can be triggered on millions of devices anywhere in world with video content triggered at exactly the same time

From stadiums to conference centres, from brands promotion to corporate events,

 DeviceMesh makes the fan PART OF THE ACTION

Select event “5 HOURS”


Select event “02 ARENA”

Select a block of seats and join the  02 light show

Select event “OOH LA LA”

Best with two devices


We provide a free iOS or Android app, that’s available with generic DeviceMesh branding or skinned as your own fully white-labelled version. 

We also provide an SDK to embed our tech into your existing app.



Make sure your volume is turned up and then

Hit PLAY on one of the surrounding demo videos

Select event “2 DEVICE AUDIOMESH

Select event “HUMMINGBIRD”

Best with four devices

Select event “HAPPY”

Best with two devices

Six Immersive Mesh Modes
Video, Colour, Flash, Audio, Fan and Poll.
Choose one, or use them all in one mesh


The DeviceMesh app uses our own cross-platform synchronised video technology.

We display video content simultaneously across any device, be they iOS or Android, tablets or phones, a VideoMesh can be triggered at any time during your event.


The key to easy downloads at venues with poor connectivity is to keep the app very small.

We trigger coloured screens simultaneously across all devices to create amazing light shows in sync with your music, lighting and show.


It used to be that we’d hold up a lighter at gigs. Then, our smartphone flashlight took over.

Now, DeviceMesh can coordinate the triggering of smartphones flashlights to create beautiful patterns and messages around a venue or stadium.


Orchestrate audiences, providing synchronised lyrics, create intricate  Mexican waves and card stunts.

DeviceMesh tells each fan when and what to sing or where to stand or show a card to create mass Karaoke, Mexican waves and card stunts.


Multi-dimensional audio meshed to create an immersive audio-visual experience.

Like the VideoMesh, AudioMesh can also synchronise the playback of audio across devices – creating custom soundscapes that can move around a venue or stadium.


Want to do a live poll without any internet

DeviceMesh allows voting, displays coloured screens based on audience selection, turns on the flash to show how they voted, caching the results until connectivity comes online.

Your Content or Ours

We can work with your production team to integrate into your show or create fresh content that’s tailored to you and your venue.

Triggering the Devices

Depending on the venue and requirement, we use  an inaudible ultrasonic trigger that can be watermarked into your sound track or a visual trigger scanned from the big screens at venue.

No Connectivity

We don’t need Wi-Fi, bluetooth or mobile networks! Once our app is installed we can trigger the Mesh with devices in airplane mode.

Why Us

Everybody has a smartphone in their pocket – use it!

Disposable LED bands are exactly that: disposable. Add to that the crew and set-up costs, plus the need for transmitters to trigger them, and this makes them both expensive and environmentally wasteful.

By contrast, DeviceMesh relies on technology that people already have and networks that already exist.

And unlike LED bands, DeviceMesh gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience before, during and after the event.

Calls to action include:

  • In-app sponsor and advertising opportunities
  • Sell event product, merchandise via the app
  • Take donations from your audience
  • Share the moment via social media

Give your audience the chance to be part of the action.

Get in Touch

If you are interested in using DeviceMesh, please do get in contact using the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.